NewsWatch Dec. 21, 2011: Scripture on Immigration- Detention of Citizens -Mike Lee Speaks Up


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Defense Authorization Act Violates Constitutional Rights
How serious is it when a bill passes both houses of congress with wording that tinkers with the constitutional protections keeping Americans from being harmed by the government?
Very serious, especially when it intends to give one person, the president, the ability to effectively toss out the constitutional rights of citizens by sticking a label on them…not exactly what you call due process.
Assuming we have at least a few true constitutional minded leaders in Washington, I wondered who voted against this. You judge for yourself.
The Senate bill passed on December 1, 2011 by a vote of 93-7. Merry Christmas! Only three Senate Republicans voted against the bill; Coburn (OK), Lee (UT) and Paul (KY). Did all the other Republicans know what they were voting for?
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We Are Still A Constitutional Republic
Senator Mike Lee and Judge Napolitano discuss the status of the Constitution in American politics on Fox’s FreedomWatch. Our Constitution is still the supreme law of the land, but Congress, the executive branch, and the courts don’t seem to care about its limits on federal government power. Sen. Lee correctly explains that the answer is for voters to wake up and work to elect new leaders who will honor the Constitution. Please join The 1789 Project as we seek to do just that…
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The Use and Abuse of the Bible in the Immigration Debate
One of the most important responsibilities of the federal government is to protect our nation, including securing our borders. The federal government has largely ignored this responsibility for quite a while, as businesses demand “cheap labor” from immigrant laborers. There are now 12 million+ illegal immigrants in the United States.
Liberal groups use all kinds of arguments to excuse the government’s refusal to enforce the rule of law, but one of the most interesting is their distortion of scripture. Dr. James Hoffmeier, a professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archeology, has an interesting article exploring some errors in their scriptural understanding.
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The Week Ahead
Congress failed to come to agreement on a bill to extend the payroll tax cut, and it seems unlikely that the issue will be resolved, as both houses have now left for Christmas break.

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