If We Oppose Socialized Health Care, What About Socialized Education?

While the outcry against Obamacare’s unconstitutional takeover of health insurance is justified, Americans should be just as concerned about another socialist program that has been failing for decades now. Public education is being used to force redistribution of wealth. One of the extremely harmful outcomes of this manipulation is that public schools have increasingly turned into government indoctrination centers, where free speech is limited, parents’ desires are ignored, and development is stifled as government seeks to produce cookie-cutter kids who don’t learn to think for themselves. 21-year-old Josiah Cantrall brought this topic to our attention last week in his article:

…”free education” isn’t free, but subsidized through tax levies on all citizens — even those with no school-age children and those who have chosen to educate their children privately.  Herein lies the genius of the left: by dictating the funding of government-run education and health care programs, millions of families are left with few alternatives outside the government’s control.  Although the right to enroll their children in private schools remains, this “right,” for all practical purposes, often cannot be exercised due to income limitations. The reality is that many middle- and lower-income families cannot afford to pay taxes towards our public schools while also sending their own children to schools of their choice.  The same holds true for health insurance policies — thus, freedom of choice is suddenly available only to the elite and wealthy.

As with all socialized systems, government-run education unavoidably leads to the rationing of services.  Unable or unwilling to meet the individual needs of every student, the government pushes aside those who fail to succeed in their “one size fits all” model.  Advanced students find their intellects confined as they are forced to learn the same material at the same speed as those with less ability.  Lacking personalized instruction and learning methods, the educationally challenged and undeserved never reach the level of their peers.  These students are labeled ADHD, mentally challenged, or otherwise, and they’re often stigmatized.  Eventually, many are switched to separate classrooms for “slow” kids….

The failures of our government’s factory-style socialistic educational system are even further revealed by astronomically low test scores and graduation rates.  Granted, not every student fails, but then again, not every European dies from socialized health care.  The ability of some to succeed doesn’t in any way change the realities or failures of socialism….

Inadequate funding isn’t the reason U.S. public schools are ranked 18th among industrialized nations.  On average, $11,223 is spent per student in public schools, and since 1985, inflation-adjusted federal spending has increased 138 percent….

Despite such failures, public schools remain the “sacred cow” of many politicians and their constituents who otherwise tout free-market solutions.  Meanwhile, the government forces more people into programs completely under government control and unaccountable to the public.  As a result, freedom is destroyed, and the ultimate goal of socialized medicine and education comes closer to completion.

Read the rest of Josiah’s article here.

Liberal policies, teachers unions’ massive pensions, and top-heavy administration have been driving education costs through the roof, even as educatoin quality plumets. Unfortunately, those most in need of educational help to make a better life for themselves usually get stuck in the worst schools. Parents who want their kids to get a good education have to pay for it themselves, while still paying taxes to fund the public schools. This is made even worse by the fact that the recipeints of this wealth redistribution are getting a poor education.

While we are fighting against socialized health care, let’s not forget about socialized education, especially when funded and regulated by the federal government in violation of the Constitution.


  1. rush_woman says:

    As an adult college student I am repeatedly appalled at the textbooks chosen by my school and instructors — classifying the material as “propaganda” is a kindness. Much of these books’ content is demonizing to Republicans, founding fathers, the Constitution, etc.

    I frequently see those younger than I mindlessly accept the claims without question simply because the ideas are put forth in a classroom environment and/or by a “teacher.” This happens more frequently with general ed courses than courses for my major but nonetheless it is wide-spread, institutionalized brainwashing. I also frequently see “arguments” for these young person’s positions based on liberal rhetoric and sound bites.

    Frankly, there should be NO TEACHER UNIONS because those are my taxpayer dollars and I have not authorized the expenditure or the contracts. Teachers should be held to the same employment requirements as private sector employees, perhaps more so as the government has a fiduciary responsibility to spend our tax dollars with care.

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