Spending Priorities- Green Incentives to China- Cuts to U.S. Defense

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Spending and Debt:
Debt Deal by August 2nd Doubtful: Liberals in Senate and White House insist on tax hikes
Is the Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional?: Some liberals want to allow Obama to issue debt
No, the President Can’t Violate the Debt Ceiling: In spite of suggestions otherwise by his allies
Cherry picking the Constitution: Invoking the 14th Amendment; ignoring the Appropriations Clause?
Government Dependency:
What would the founders do about welfare? How about leaving it to the states and individuals?
Fundamental Rights:
National Defense and Foreign Policy:
Rumsfeld: Cutting Defense a “Grievous Mistake”: But Obama and Senate Leaders insist on cuts
Constitutional Guardians: The Judiciary:
Federalism 2.0 on the Roberts Court: Individuals and states’ rights under the 10th Amendment
Constitutional Solutions:
In federalism, state, feds limit each other’s power: Indiana’s AG explains checks on feds
Initiative shows Americans want constitutional knowledge: Man starts over 300 Constitution clubs

1789 Blog, Opinion, and Video Top Picks

Fiscal and Social Conservatives Align on This Issue
Regardless of where you stand on the life issue, our United States Constitution grants the federal Government NO authority to require states to bankroll private abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.  For that and many other reasons it is good to see many states taking initiatives to limit abortion and the funding that supports it. This is a great example of “Federalism in action” impacting laws in ways that reflect the values of the people they affect.
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1789 Candidate Highlight: Rep. Allen West (FL-22)
One of the candidates The 1789 Project endorsed in 2010 was Allen West, a Tea Party favorite running in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. Some of his supporters recently compiled a video with clips from some of his speeches. Rep. West includes some good quotes from our founding fathers in his speeches, some of which are included in the excerpts below. Thanks to 1789 Project supporter Dan Egtvedt for sending it to us. Enjoy!
Watch the video here.

Stories to Watch

This Week Ahead
The House returns from their Independence Day recess Wednesday is working on the Department of Defense and Energy and Water 2012 appropriations bills.
Negotiations over deficit reduction House leaders are requiring before allowing a vote on raising the debt ceiling continue. Some are suggesting there may not be an agreement by the Aug. 2nd “deadline.”

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