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Unions vs. Taxpayers- the Battle Continues
Wisconsin’s union-opposed budget and collective bargaining battle has spread to other states this week, but one has to wonder, with all the eye-opening insights into the cozy union-negotiated pension and benefits liabilities out there, if the unions will regret picking this fight. Some are calling this a “Taxpayer’s Civil War,” while others point out the huge public/private pay disparity, or the poor educational outcomes from the striking Wisconsin teachers. The entire Wisconsin crisis is more about the 2012 congressional and presidential election and union money than education. 

Federal Budget- Potential Shutdown
The U.S. Senate has yet to consider the house-passed Continuing Resolution which would save the government from shutting down March 4th. If the Senate and House do not come to agreement on the 7-month extension, or pass a short-term version, the federal government will shut down and perform only minimal services. President Obama and Sen. Reid lied when they said Social Security checks would stop, as essential services will continue. In this war of ideas, conservatives must convince the public that deep cuts are essential to everyone’s survival. Failure to do so means we face rioting beneficiaries as Governor Walker has in Wisconsin.

1789 Blog and Opinion: Top Picks

A Warning About Things to Come
“Phyllis Schlafly has been warning against the dangers of a Constitutional convention, as many states have been considering bills calling for one. While the motivations of the Tea Party and other groups calling for the conventions may be good, they often don’t understand the dangers.” Read the full article here.

Why All the Fuss About George Washington?
“On February 22nd we remembered the birthday of a great leader, the man we call the Father of our Country….We can use George Washington as a model for choosing leaders…. I hope you agree that if the people of America learn to put people of character and ability into leadership positions, America will turn the corner and see a brighter day…. We must revive The United States Constitution as the basis for government and choose men and women who will do the same.” Read the full article here.

President Obama’s Meddling Unconstitutional?
“The whole state of Wisconsin seems to be in disarray, and Madison is the epicenter of the chaos. The teachers’ union that has become such a cash cow eating in the public coffers is being threatened with losing a fair bit of cheese…. At best, [Obama] cannot help matters… in Madison by riling up the protesters. At worst he violates the 10th amendment of the Constitution when he interferes.” Read the full article here.

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Leadership in Action

The 1789 Project commends Florida Governor Rick Scott for Leadership in Action, recognizing him for putting the Sunshine State on a fiscally sound path. Governor Scott’s choices reflect a willingness to forgo perks that carry long term negative consequences.

He and his conservative team, Florida leaders like U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and State Senate President Mike Haridopolos, are taking a less government and more freedom strategy seriously. Seriously enough to “Just say no” to a $2.4 billion high speed rail carrot that they believe the state can’t afford. Governor Scott’s Facebook page shared three good reasons.

The 1789 Project hopes many individuals and leaders who are facing tough fiscal challenges will see the critical need to make wise reality-based decisions.  This Leadership in Action is a model for a mom or dad thinking about a discretionary purchase, for the Obama administration and Congress as they sort out national spending/debt predicaments, and for everyone in between.

The “Constitutionally Correct” Award

 Justice Roy Moore

Justice Roy Moore, known as Alabama’s “Ten Commandments Judge,” is still working to advance core Constitutional principles. The 1789 Project is pleased to announce Justice Moore as the winner of this weeks “Constitutionally Correct Award” for his statement made while accompanying  Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) in Iowa.

“I think the people of Iowa are…awakening, like a lot of people in the country, quite frankly. People are waking up to their rights under the Constitution  …The people of Iowa seem to be waking up to it and doing something about it, and I’m glad to participate in it.”
If you see a good quote from someone who ‘gets’ the Constitution, please let us know!

The “Constitutionally Incorrect” Award

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
In announcing that the administration will no longer defend Sec. 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Attorney General’s statement read:
“…the department has declined to defend a statute in cases, like this one, where the President has concluded that the statute is unconstitutional.”
While it is perfectly fine for a president to veto unconstitutional bills that come before him for his signature, the president has no unilateral authority to refuse defending the law.
Let us know if you have a nomination for next week’s award.

Stories to Watch

Government Shutdown
House Speaker John Boehner has stated that he will not support even a temporary funding extension unless it reduces spending,  and the House is planning a two week stop-gap spending bill that includes major cuts. Meanwhile, the Democrat-led Senate is expected to push a one-month stopgap funding bill that continues government funding and programs at current spending levels.  The likelihood of a government shutdown is increasing as Republicans emphasize the need for immediate serious budget cuts. Meanwhile Senate Democrats offer some cuts while attempting to portray Republicans as unreasonable for threatening a government shutdown. See FAQ here; the U.S. House Sergeant at Arms warns of coming budget protests.
National Governors’ Winter Meeting Discussing their State Spending Challenges; While they are in DC, Health and Human Services will try to calm their Obamacare concerns
House Ways and Means Committee to Look at IRS Oversight
Recent polls: Key states oppose Obamacare; Republicans’ cuts: 25% support, 37% want more.

We hope this sampling from the newsfeed, blog, and opinion pages from The 1789 Project website inspires you to continue fighting for a Constitutional Revival.
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