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Tax Compromise Bill Adds to Deficit as Balancing the Budget Takes Second Priority in the Short Term

Senate Democrats Attempt to Squeeze Pork-Laden Bill After Voters Rejected High Spending Ways in November

Tea Party Congresspersons Seek Rejection of Tax-Cut Compromise Because Bill Increases Deficit

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The Executive Branch and the Constitution

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The Judicial Branch and the Constitution

Fourth Circuit Court Could Surprise on Health Care Appeal

Health Care Ruling to be Appealed

Breyer: Founding Fathers Would Have Allowed Gun Restrictions

Virginia Judge Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

Activist Judges Could have Discretion over Environmental Regulations


States Seeking Constitutional Solution

New Jersey Faces Judicial Constitutional Mess

Texas Pushes for a “Repeal Amendment”

Texas Mulls Health Care Penalty for Federal Agents

Ten States Debating Repeal Amendment

Will The Voters Continue to be Overturned?


The First Amendment

A History of Religious Freedom and Governmental Violations

Internet Speech and the Death of the “Right to Privacy”

Media Strategy Behind Hate Crimes Racket

Meeks: State May Not Influence Church, But Church May Influence State

First Amendment and False Advertising


The Legislative Branch and the Constitution

Hillsdale Opens Constitution Center for Interns and Congressional Staff

Hungary to Recognize Inalienable Right to Life in Constitution

Practicing What You Preached on the Constitution?: GOP Lawmakers have Second Thoughts on Earmark Ban

No More Federal Funding for Big Bird?

House Passes Middle Class Tax Cut Extension, Senate Failure Expected


Economy and Taxes

Mixed Conservative Reaction to Tax Deal a Result of Confusion about Impact on Deficit

Government “Bails Out” of Another Private Business

Republicans and Obama Agree to Tax Compromise

Free Markets Outlast Planned Markets

Bernake Defends Monetary Policy


14th Amendment and Immigration

DREAM Arguments Pull at Heartstrings But Lack Commonsense

Arizona Attempts to Punish Businesses Hiring Illegals; Supreme Court to Decide the Case

A Not So Pleasant DREAM

Citizenship a Birthright No More?

Anchor Babies Away for House Republicans