Healthcare and the Constitution

The soaring costs of healthcare in this country created a problem. Most will agree with that statement. What people don’t agree on is the solution to this problem. The Obama administration attempted to deal with the problem by requiring almost everyone to buy health insurance.

Apart from the supply and demand problems inherent in that, there is the minor problem of constitutionality. I have heard many arguments against the constitutionality of healthcare, but perhaps the most intriguing one comes from a Heritage Foundation blog citing Ken Cuccinelli.

“In 1774, the First Continental Congress implemented a trade boycott against Great Britain in protest of the Intolerable Acts. When King George III asked if the colonists could boycott British goods, his solicitor general informed him it was beyond the power of the king to mandate that his subjects buy specific goods like tea. ‘The power of the United States government under the Constitution must be smaller than that of King George,’ Cuccinelli said.”

The colonist revolted from King George because of the oppressive abuse of power. The Founding Fathers would be disappointed to see their limited-government experiment in such a state of affairs. Click here to read the full article. Help support constitutional thinking here.

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